Why choose a

compliant service?

Unlike many cryptocurrency operators, Saifu is a fully regulated financial institution – and that means we do more to help protect your money and deliver a service you can depend on.
Because we hold a licenses from the Czech National Bank (CNB) – we have to comply with some very rigorous rules and procedures:

Our Security measures are reviewed by an independent regulator.

We have an in-depth risk management strategy.

We adhere to strict Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures.

Our business – and its day-to-day operations – are regularly audited by one of the world’s largest accountancy firms.

Our IT systems are designed to help minimise downtime – to help ensure you can access our services whenever you want to.

We monitor all blockchain transactions – against 69 risk indicators.

In the interests of fund

protection, we operate two

types of bank account:

Customer Account

is used to store

our customers’


Operational Account

is used for our

operational funds &


Our reputation is everything…

so that’s why we choose

to be compliant.

When you choose a regulated service… you’re doing more to protect your money.

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