Why wallets?

When you sign up for most cryptocurrency services, you have to set up a virtual ‘wallet’. Your cryptocurrency funds sit inside your wallet… but – just like a physical wallet – if you lose your virtual wallet, you lose your money.
With Saifu, there’s no need for wallets – instead, we provide one secure account for your currencies & cryptocurrencies. It’s as easy to use as a traditional bank account… but much more flexible.

Danger lurks…

wherever your

wallet is

Most cryptocurrency exchanges require users to set up one of two types of wallet… but there are risks:
Local Wallets
You have to download, install, maintain and protect your wallet. If a hacker attacks your computer – and steals your wallet keys – you could lose everything inside your wallet.
Web Wallets
Your wallet is stored remotely – and the service gives you a key… plus a passphrase you can use if you lose your key. However, if hackers attack the service – and steal your key – you could lose all your money.

Furthermore – because the service provider doesn’t hold a record of your passphrase – if you lose your keys and your passphrase, you’ve got no way of recovering your wallet… or your money.

Ditch the ‘wallet woes’

In the physical world, nobody carries all their money in a wallet. Banks provide a secure home for the bulk of your funds. So… why should you be forced to carry all your cryptocurrencies in a wallet?
At Saifu, we’ve made it our mission to combine a range of proven best practices from the world of banking… plus the flexibility and convenience of the cryptocurrency world.
So there’s no need to run the risk of wallet woes. Saifu lets you store your cryptocurrencies – and traditional currencies – in one, SECURE, REGULATED, EASY-TO-USE account that has multiple layers of protection built in.
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